Storytelling: get the most out of yourself and your organisation’s story.

There is no better channel for telling stories than person to person. That is why Storytelling People develops tailor-made workshops that help spread the corporate story throughout every level of the organisation. The approach focuses on the experience, a strongly interactive convergence between story and leaders, employees and customers. We know from experience that employees are able to empathise more fully and effectively with the corporate story if they can share their own personal stories. Storytelling workshops are an invitation to translate the bigger story into their own individual roles, functions and responsibilities. Our experienced trainers and coaches work with a customised programme that is completely tailored to company engagement.

Storytelling People offers the most comprehensive range of corporate storytelling workshops.  Our in-company storytelling workshops are ideal for strengthening engagement, as well as for discovering, telling and sharing stories. The workshops vary from inspiring sessions to strategic multi-day programmes. Our training courses help to strengthen your storytelling competencies.

In addition to in-company workshops, we organise storytelling workshops with open registration in Amsterdam, Brussels, London and Munich. Our workshops and training courses are the perfect stepping stone to help strengthen your storytelling competencies. Their highly interactive nature involves people in the content. The workshops enable them to play an active role in the story of your organisation.

Storytelling Workshops

This workshop is for organizations that want to discover storytelling

This workshop is for organizations that are searching for their shared story

This workshop teaches how to inspire and connect employees through storytelling

Build an online and offline brand story that takes people on a journey of engagement and meaning

As the ultimate leadership tool, storytelling ensures that you are a leader in the story

The customer story workshop provides the crucial link between storytelling and online engagement.

Storytelling Programmes

You want your employees to feel connected to your company and to bring values and ambitions to life.

You want your executives and managers to lead your company and act as role models in bringing values and ambitions to life.

You want to connect your customers to your corporate story and bring your added value and corporate values to life.

Storytelling Training

On this one-day training course, you will make significant progress in small but concrete steps. The training is practical and consists mainly of practical exercises. 

On this two-day training course, you will work on competencies to tell authentic and convincing stories. 

On the two-day training course 'Storytelling, your story, its direction and your presentation' we integrate your personal story in the company's corporate story.