What resources will you use to support storytelling within your organisation? How do you give people the tools to continue working with storytelling? With our Storytelling Tool, any organisation can independently continue to develop storytelling.

Storytelling Handbook

Each participant can receive a unique and extensive storytelling handbook prior to the workshops. The content is determined in advance with the client. 


Storytelling App

We can provide organisations with their own storytelling platform or storytelling app. Storytelling in the digital society opens up new worlds. Organisations that make use of online storytelling can also strengthen their relationship with employees in the long term. Stories – news, information, videos – can now be shared easily, both inside and outside organisations. 

Storytelling train-the-trainer programme 

The success of a storytelling workshop depends on the quality of the storytelling trainer(s). Our trainers are 100% specialised and have extensive experience with countless organisations, both at board level and organisation-wide. They are able to provide organisations with a tailor-made train-the-trainer programme.

Storytelling ambassadors programme

Stories from inside and outside an organisation must be recorded; they are part of the corporate DNA. Stories do, however, need storytellers to bring them to life. It is therefore important to find ambassadors for the story. Initially from within management and then distributed across the entire organisation and to the outside world. What is needed to create a story ambassador?

1. The story

The story ambassador has a story framework. They must know the organisation’s core story (who are we? What makes us unique? What is the reason for our existence?).

2. Telling stories

The ambassador has a repertoire of the organisation’s most compelling and successful stories. They also use personal stories to highlight the organisation’s story.

3. Sharing stories

The story ambassador knows how to draw stories from others. They have a feel for recognising stories from employees and customers that are important to record and tell. They pass on the ‘ambassadorship’ by encouraging others to tell their stories.