What is corporate storytelling?

Corporate storytelling is an inspiring means of communication that involves people in messages and removes barriers. Corporate storytelling brings the brand, organisation and business story to life. More commitment in the organisation, everyone on the same page, new fervour and passion in the organisation, developing leadership, promoting co-operation: corporate storytelling is very versatile.

Our storytelling workshops, training courses and programmes consist of a mix of learning, listening, dialogue, doing, telling, sharing and experiencing. We work with tailor-made programmes and special modules with your choice of specific storytelling elements. 

Storytelling introduction module 

  • Getting to know each other 
  • What is storytelling and what can you do with it? 
  • Aspects of storytelling 
  • What’s your story about? 
  • Storytelling tips 
  • Intonation, tempo and silence 
  • Use of metaphors 
  • Use of analogies such as heroes 
  • Developing personal stories or organisational stories (working in groups) 
  • Importance of your personal story 
  • Discovering your story 
  • Practicing personal stories 
  • Deepening personal stories 
  • Presentation of stories (with feedback) 
  • Evaluate and follow up 

Storytelling communication module 

  • What is storytelling? What is it not? 
  • What is the importance? 
  • The 8 storytelling patterns – goals 
  • Examples of story forms 
  • Discovering personal and organisational stories 
  • Mind mapping for stories 
  • The corporate story 
  • The story of the company 
  • Stories of the founders 
  • Playing with common core themes 
  • The success story / vision story / brand story 
  • The use of core values in stories 
  • Examples of vision stories
  • Building B2F/ABCDE vision story 
  • Employee stories 
  • Customer stories 
  • Connect, strengthen, tell 
  • Discovering connecting themes 
  • Digital storytelling 
  • The implementation of storytelling 

Organisational development module

  • Change Management
  • Change triangles
  • Change in organisations
  • Lead of change
  • Effective Stakeholder Management
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Get into the skin of
  • Profit/win and common interests
  • Outside-in communication
  • Organisation Culture & Communication
  • Culture Dimensions
  • Communication goals
  • Storytelling plan and examples

Storytelling leadership module

  • Essence of Leadership
  • The Landscape
  • Leadership Styles
  • Openness & Feedback
  • Personal leadership
  • Who am I
  • Life and career plan
  • Phases on the path of life
  • Leadership anchors
  • Influencing people
  • Perceptions and influence
  • Influencing styles
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Development of storytelling leadership programme