Storytelling leadership story

The storytelling leadership workshop teaches you how to inspire and connect employees through storytelling.

Focusing on the essence. Strengthening engagement. Managing change. The ultimate leadership story focuses on connecting people. In the storytelling leadership workshop, you will learn how to develop leadership within organisations through storytelling.

Workshop for CEO and management

How do you become a chief storyteller? Leaders need to find connections and create engagement every day. Storytelling is a technique for doing this that is still greatly undervalued. Learn how to influence, convince and inspire people through stories.

The storytelling leadership workshop is designed for managers who want to strengthen their personal leadership and the leadership within organisations through storytelling.

In a modern context, leadership concentrates on the question: are you able to take your employees and customers on the journey toward your vision of the future? For people to be willing to listen to you, you have to tell them what your story is and why it is so important. In this workshop, you make the ultimate connection between storytelling and leadership. You will be given the experience and tools to develop a structured leadership programme for yourself and your organisation. Specific storytelling techniques and leadership stories are central.


Each programme is tailor made. The fixed basic components of the one-day programme are:

  • What is leadership?
  • What goals would you like to achieve through storytelling?
  • How does storytelling work on a behavioural level?
  • The connection between corporate story and leadership story
  • Storytelling and strengthening pride and engagement
  • The storytelling tools for implementing a leadership programme
  • Leadership coaching & training

Workshop results

In a single day, this storytelling workshop opens up a world of insight. Participants in the workshop have:

  • Insight into the foundations on which storytelling is based
  • Insight into the function of the Leadership story
  • The ability to implement a storytelling leadership programme
  • Experience gained through personal leadership stories
  • Insight into how storytelling works at the level of values and behaviour
  • Valuable inspiration and feedback from the trainer and colleagues

Storytelling leadership story

This workshop teaches how to inspire and connect employees through storytelling

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