Storytelling introduction

The storytelling introduction workshop is for organizations that want to discover the power of storytelling

The storytelling introduction workshop revolves around storytelling. With corporate storytelling, you can create much closer ties between people, the brand and the organisation. Ultimately, all communication is personal. Storytelling touches people’s emotions and creates stories they want to share.

Workshop for manager & employee

The storytelling introduction workshop is designed for organisations that want managers and/or their teams to discover the power of storytelling. In this workshop, you learn to experience and live storytelling. We teach you how to tell personal stories. You will be inspired by the interaction with others. You experience what a powerful story does to you – and to others. You will learn all about applying the correct storytelling techniques. You will be inspired by practical examples of best-of-storytelling. And above all, you will enrich your personality because you know how to tell authentic, calm, clear, inspiring and sympathetic stories.


Each programme is tailor made. The fixed basic components of the programme are:

  • What is storytelling?
  • The importance of the core message and narrative structure
  • The interaction between ‘the story’ and ‘telling the story’
  • Storytelling techniques and coaching
  • Connecting personal stories and the organisation’s story
  • How to bring a corporate story to life through storytelling

Storytelling workshop results

In a single day, this storytelling introduction workshop opens up a world of insight. Participants in the workshop have:

  • The ability to use and present personal stories
  • Knowledge of the importance of storytelling and the way it works
  • A blueprint for an elevator pitch or corporate story
  • Their qualities as storytellers strengthened
  • Worked with employee and customer stories

Storytelling introduction

This workshop is for organizations that want to discover storytelling

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