Storytelling core story

The storytelling core story workshop is for organisations that are searching for their shared story.

A story that is supported by everyone has a connecting effect. Successful organisations have a guiding and inspiring ‘we’ story. Who are we, what makes us unique and where are we heading?

Workshop for CEO, HR & communications

The core story workshop is designed for organisations that are searching for their story and is very suitable for CEOs and HR, communications and marketing managers and their departments.

Your entire corporate story on a single page: vision, mission, the Why, How and What… Clear, powerful and communicative. How do you get to that core story? And what is the role of the corporate story? What is the link between storytelling and the right organisation stories? In this workshop, we will make the journey to a shared story together. We will make use of storytelling techniques such as the Golden Circle, story archetypes and story concepting.


Each programme is tailor made. The fixed basic components of the programme are

  • The Golden Circle
  • The importance of the core concept
  • How do you write a corporate story?
  • How do you create a corporate story implementation plan?
  • What role do story archetypes play?
  • How do you put a bottom-up storytelling process in motion?
  • How do you create internal and external ambassadors for the story?

Workshop results

In a single day, this storytelling workshop opens up a world of insight. Participants in the workshop have:

  • Knowledge of the importance of the corporate story and the way it works
  • A feel for storytelling and personal stories
  • The skills needed to write a corporate story
  • The qualities needed to create an implementation plan
  • The skills to develop the story through storytelling

Storytelling core story

This workshop is for organizations that are searching for their shared story

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