Multi-day storytelling leadership workshop

As the ultimate leadership tool, storytelling ensures that you are a leader in the story.

How do you turn change into a story? Research shows that change only really happens when people feel included and involved. Stories set people in motion. Storytelling is the perfect catalyst for organisational change and a shift in your business culture.

Storytelling for leaders: how to live your story

The leadership story in the storytelling for leaders workshop reinforces the position of directors and managers by enabling them to communicate narratively about the organisation’s dream. Internally, this leads to an increased ‘we’ feeling and a clarification of the shared direction. Our changing world has a greater need for authenticity, connection and meaning. Who are we? What makes us unique? Successful leadership means staying connected to the essence: what drives me personally, as well as my organisation? The storytelling for leaders workshop helps you to draw out this authenticity.

Turn your managers into leaders

Leadership development is an essential tool for achieving business goals. The targeted leadership development in the storytelling for leaders workshop strengthens the inspiration of managers and employees and transforms them into something greater than their job description. Success within organisations is based on people’s ability to lead. Storytelling is ideally suited as a leadership tool. In this programme, you become a leader and story ambassador. After all, the challenge for every leader is: motivating and connecting employees. In this two-day workshop, participants learn:

* Self-leadership: self-managed leadership, responsibility, ownership, entrepreneurship, independence, continuous development to a higher level, willingness to change and resilience.

* Leadership of others: exemplary behaviour with the core values, walk the talk, businesslike behaviour, development of effective behaviour, motivating, inspiring, guiding and coaching.

* Future-oriented leadership: narrative, storytelling, visionary, creative, innovative, adaptive, agile, continuous innovation and product development.

* Change leadership: change management, putting people in motion, communication, dealing with uncertainty and resistance.

Workshop content

In the multi-day leadership workshop, we will work on specific leadership themes and leadership stories. Storytelling for leaders is always a connection between the clarity of the story, the uniqueness of the speaker, engagement with the subject and the ability to adapt to others. Storytelling helps us to make a connection with others. Storytelling also helps us to communicate change as a story, for example.

Why storytelling?

Storytelling shows ‘who we are’ and ‘what we mean to each other’. The use of personal stories within leadership serves multiple purposes. They provide direction and meaning to the organisation’s mission and vision. They make the collective dream of management and the organisation visible. They clarify the personal drive of the individual manager.

The leadership story

We will work on a connecting leadership story. The leadership story is a synthesis of management’s personal vision stories. The stories are about the Why, Mission, Vision and core values of the organisation. The leadership story has an inspirational power because it ensures authenticity and makes the vision clear.

The objective

No sit-back-and-listen session but an exciting change-as-a-story session that affects everyone, in their heads and hearts.

We establish a structured leadership programme based on leadership and storytelling. A structured programme ensures that objectives are realised, such as: strengthening trust in mutual collaboration, clarifying the relationship between leadership and organisational goals, and insight into the essential qualities within the current and desired organisational culture.


Each programme is tailor made. The fixed basic components of the one-day programme are:

  • What is leadership?
  • What goals would you like to achieve through leadership?
  • How does storytelling work on a behavioural level?
  • The connection between corporate story and leadership story
  • Storytelling and the connection between Pride – Leadership – Trust
  • The storytelling tools for implementing a leadership programme
  • How does a Storytelling Backbone help to strengthen employee engagement?
  • In what way can I inspire my people more?
  • Leadership coaching & training

Multi-day storytelling leadership workshop

As the ultimate leadership tool, storytelling ensures that you are a leader in the story

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