Multi-day customer story workshop

The customer story workshop provides the crucial link between storytelling and online engagement.

The customer story workshop enhances the customer journey with the ultimate storytelling experience. Today’s consumers do not want to be directed, but do allow themselves to be guided. Brands will have to create more and more experiences that customers appreciate. It’s all about really understanding customers. Consistent communication. Insights. Touch points. Engagement. In the workshop, you will learn how to crate relevant online brand experiences through storytelling. And what it takes to develop the ultimate customer story and journey.

A customer is a story

Based on a customer story, digital storytelling is the essential heart of connecting people online.Every contact between customer and brand or company should have emotional resonance. The essence is to touch the right person at the right time in their customer journey with the most relevant content to them. Whether that is functional (click through, purchase) or emotional (customer stories), or entertaining (video), interactive (survey, chat) or personal (service desk, account manager) is irrelevant: that first touch point second must draw people into the story. And that’s wonderful, because stories are capable of allowing people to experience what might otherwise go unnoticed.


We always create tailor-made programmes. Fixed components of the workshop are:

  • What is the importance of online storytelling and how does it work?
  • How do you develop a storytelling platform?
  • The importance of a content formula and personal stories
  • Analysis of best-case customer stories
  • The connection between customer experience – customer journey – customer conversion
  • The role of optimised content connectivity and design usability

Workshop results

This storytelling leadership workshop strengthens your role as a leader. Participants in the workshop have:

  • Insight into how to make online storytelling effective (why-how-what do you tell?)
  • Insight into the foundations on which storytelling is based
  • The ability to develop your own powerful customer story
  • Knowledge about the integration of narrative, objectives, strategy, media and technology
  • Knowledge of the tools with which to optimally monitor the customer journey
  • Knowledge of the value and application of the Content Cube
  • You have a targeted step-by-step plan: customer experience – customer journey – customer conversion

Multi-day customer story workshop

The customer story workshop provides the crucial link between storytelling and online engagement.

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