Multi-day corporate storytelling workshop

Build an online and offline corporate and brand story that takes people on a journey of engagement and meaning.

An organisation without a story is an organisation without an identity. In the corporate storytelling workshop, you will learn how to define and further develop your corporate story step by step. Three goals can be achieved individually or together:

  1.  The establishment of the business story within the corporate story. Who are we, what do we stand for, what do we want to achieve? Using the Golden Circle, we gain clarity on the Why, How and What and how to link this to the Personality, Positioning and Perspective of your organisation. We continue to build up a storytelling implementation plan: through what kind of process do we connect employees and customers to the corporate story?
  2. Telling the business story through corporate storytelling. Touching people in their heads and hearts builds a strong brand. How does storytelling work in the context of your organisation? We will discover and record personal and organisational stories. We will look for links in the stories to the Why, Mission, Vision and core values of the organisation. Make your employees and customers partners in your dream and values and this emotional power source will spread the fire.
  1. What is the story behind your brand? How does it give meaning to people’s lives? What is its relevance to the world? How do you convince today’s customers to become acquainted with your products or services? Storytelling has become the most important marketing tool because it is able to connect with people, whereas conventional advertising is no longer able to do so. In this workshop, you will learn how to define your customer story step by step and to further develop it through storytelling. No conventional marketing spiel, no abstract theories, just an inspiring workshop with relevant examples and concrete tips to help strengthen your brand story.

Results of the corporate storytelling workshop programme

The corporate storytelling workshop programme opens up a world of insight. Participants in the workshop discover the power of storytelling. The result is consistent communication of your story as a whole with the corporate story as the central organisational link. Corporate storytelling brings the story to life in the hearts and minds of employees and customers. The social significance of your business becomes visible and tangible. Your employees can identify with your business story. Your business relations know what to expect from you. Building trust pays for itself in an increasingly strong reputation, a higher success factor and increasing significance. You will be rewarded with valued consumers, customers and employees. They become ambassadors and ensure that your story is told over and over again.


Each programme is tailor made. The fixed basic components of the programme are:

  • The Golden Circle
  • The importance of the core concept
  • What is the difference between a corporate story and a brand story?
  • How do you create a storytelling implementation plan?
  • How does a Storytelling Backbone help to strengthen employee engagement?
  • What does an effective customer story look like?
  • How do you build an effective content strategy?
  • How do you create online customer engagement?
  • How do I increase our impact so that customers become promoters?
  • How can we be more entrepreneurial and commercially effective?

Workshop results

In a single day, this storytelling workshop opens up a world of insight. Participants in the workshop have:

  • Knowledge of the importance of storytelling and the way it works
  • The ability to create and implement a corporate story
  • The ability to use stories effectively both within and outside your organisation
  • A blueprint for a corporate story or business story
  • Their qualities as storytellers strengthened
  • Worked with employee and customer stories
  • Insight into online and offline storytelling
  • Insight into the function of the corporate story/brand story

Multi-day corporate storytelling workshop

Build an online and offline brand story that takes people on a journey of engagement and meaning

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