Our strengths: passionate trainers, dynamic workshops 

Our storytelling workshops are an extension of our creative storytelling practice. Storytelling is a particularly effective communication tool, because it taps into the desire people today have for the personal exchange of ideas and stories. In our storytelling workshops, the story flies off the paper and is given life and made dynamic. Because storytelling is our speciality, we know how to give each individual workshop the right form and content. Although we work within specific frameworks, we leave room for customisation that makes each workshop unique. We take into account wishes and requirements relating to what is going on in the organisation and the objectives, which can vary from leadership and connecting the business story to improving the consultation and thought process for product development. 

Always personal, always directing 

At Storytelling People, we are driven to contribute to the business story in general and to people’s personal growth as a storyteller. Whether it’s about strengthening your own value, identity or brand position, the right story. Inspiring people is our top priority. We work with trainers and coaches who have proven themselves to be fascinating and passionate storytellers. We have designed the different workshops together with them and used their personal experiences to determine and make use of what works best. Personal attention, encouragement and direction are central to each workshop. Our trainers understand that not everyone finds it easy to tell a story publicly or to bring a business story to life by means of personal anecdotes. A safe environment is constantly ensured and practical and involved guidance is provided. 

Inspiring people

Storytelling People specialises in corporate stories and storytelling. We believe in stories as a valuable communication tool. We give them greater depth and edit them for companies, organisations and brands. Why? Because people are increasingly looking for stories that they can actually believe. Stories that inspire and enthuse them so much that they want to be part of them. Stories they want to share with others. Business stories that make the people who work there proud and are able to connect with customers. Organisation stories that ensure that everyone knows where the organisation is going and why and how. And brand stories that take people seriously, tell them more about products and services, and invite them to join the discussion. 

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