Why storytelling? Because it personalises business.

Storytelling is the most powerful means of communication for connecting people. In today’s world, the need for authenticity, credibility and connection has increased enormously. People and organisations seek inspiration in stories that are real, in which they can believe and which they want to share. More than ever, a credible and clear story is essential.

Who are we? What sets us apart? What is our purpose, our Why? You and your company are a story. About leadership, mission, core values and pride. At Storytelling People, we believe that there is a story hiding in every company. Whether it is about strengthening identity or brand position, promoting corporate values or claiming leadership; with the right story and our narrative power we make the difference.

Storytelling leadership

Storytelling: what, how and why? We can be so rational at times but, at the end of the day, we all like to be carried away by an irresistible story. We enjoy being touched and moved, and then we suddenly realise that we have a certain something with a company, a brand or an organisation. Stories are capable of showing people and allowing them to experience things that would otherwise go unnoticed. Stories explain corporate values and give a face to vision, ambition and core values. Stories connect people, involve them in the organisation, inspire, enthuse and make people proud of what they do together. Organisations with a story are future-oriented. The story makes it clear: who we are, in what ways we are unique and what our purpose is.

Personal story as a leadership story

Leadership is about getting people moving. You demonstrate leadership by being yourself. Every time you start work at a new organisation or in a new position, questions arise such as: “Who is this person?”, “What does he or she have to offer?”, “Can he or she be trusted?”. It is this deeper layer that communicates who we really are. Good leaders know how to hold on to their employees through stories. With storytelling, you ensure that your mission, vision and core values are passed on in a narrative way. Only then do employees become part of the same unstoppable, connecting story.

Storytelling Leadership Workshop, Training & Programme

This workshop teaches how to inspire and connect employees through storytelling

You want your executives and managers to lead your company and act as role models in bringing values and ambitions to life.

On the two-day training course 'Storytelling, your story, its direction and your presentation' we integrate your personal story in the company's corporate story. 

Storytelling with a leadership story

The Leadership story is your signature as a manager; how you have learned to motivate people over the years. You are used to taking responsibility and making decisions. You want to include people in your vision and perspective on the future. How do you do that? What are the keywords for your personal story? What have been your signature leadership experiences? On what considerations or convictions do you base your decisions? How do you deal with rationality and emotion? What is your most important message for connective leadership?