Storytelling works:

because telling a concise and inspiring business story touches people and motivates them to participate and connect with each other, as well as with the company and its ambitions. It gives direction to mission, vision, ambition and positioning, and it strengthens the solidarity within the organisation. Nothing surpasses the power of an organisation driven by shared stories. Unified engagement and action is created between management and employees. It gives leaders real personality, promotes solidarity within the company and gives it a recognisable face externally.

Consistent use of storytelling yields returns at numerous levels: 

  • personal growth of leadership and talent within the organisation 
  • greater loyalty from employees, but also from customers 
  • a network of story ambassadors 
  • enhanced reputation with a positive impact on the employment market and top talent 
  • steady build-up of active followers on social media platforms 
  • increased traffic to and interest in the web environment 
  • interactive and personal sales approaches 
  • Inspirational storytelling stories 

The power of storytelling instrument workshop: it’s not about transmitting but about involving and engaging people. The story is not imposed top-down but grows from within. For example, the business story becomes visible step by step by working through a number of storytelling questions, such as: 

What makes up the DNA of our organisation? • What is our organisation’s Golden Circle? • What has led to our current success? • What is the reason for our existence? • What drives us? • What are our success stories? • What is our vision on connecting people? • What is our dream or dot on the horizon? • What is our core story?

Storytelling stories are effective in eight areas:

  1. Call to action > Motivating others to take action 
  2. Communicating who you are > A personal story enables others to trust you 
  3. Sharing values > Communicating your core values and beliefs 
  4. Building trust > Strengthening reputation > business story 
  5. Increasing collaboration > Ensuring that people work together more effectively 
  6. Stronger communication > Ensuring unity and meaning in the story 
  7. Sharing knowledge > Improving the development and sharing of knowledge 
  8. Creating a vision > Developing and sharing your vision with others