Storytelling: get the most out of yourself and your corporate story

Having a clear corporate story is one thing, but how do you continue to spread it both within and outside the organisation? How do you make it concrete, visual, insightful and infectious?

Storytelling People® offers the most complete package in the field of corporate storytelling. Our storytelling workshops, both in-company and at locations in Amsterdam, Brussels, London and Munich, are ideally suited to strengthening competencies and discovering stories.

A good story deserves the best storytellers

Successful companies not only have a clear story to tell but they also tell it better than other companies.  There are no better ambassadors for the corporate story than the people who are part of it themselves. The enthusiasm must be authentic, the story real, the belief in what the company wants to achieve infectious. The easier that is to communicate, the more confidence it creates in the company. This ‘ambassador’ function perfectly suits the current times, in which the personality of the organisation is becoming increasingly important. 

Our top three workshops

This workshop is for organizations that want to discover storytelling

This workshop is for organizations that are searching for their shared story

This workshop teaches how to inspire and connect employees through storytelling

The value of our Corporate Storytelling Workshops


  • Personal growth
  • Increase confidence and calmness
  • Eliminate speech anxiety
  • Strengthen leadership
  • Communicate who you are
  • Inspire others with personal stories


  • Motivate others
  • Increase engagement
  • Connect a shared story
  • Share values
  • Ensure knowledge sharing
  • Inspire trust


  • Discover your purpose
  • Communicate your Golden Circle
  • Consistently convey your corporate story
  • Strenghten values and trust
  • Maintain and improve your reputation
  • Give the company a human face

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Storytelling tools

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